The 2 Most-Prescribed Drugs in America

In more than 25 states, levothyroxine — a treatment for underactive thyroid — is the most-prescribed drug. And in 10 states, the most popular prescription medications are the opioid pain pills Vicodin and Norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen).

While the nation continues to fight the opioid crisis, Vicodin and Norco are still widely prescribed in all states. GoodRx, an online pharmacy, reportedthat “there is some evidence that growing awareness and tighter restrictions have started to push down the volume of prescriptions for these drugs.”

The company identified and examined the top 10 drugs prescribed in each stateover the course of a year.

Despite concerns regarding levothyroxine’s effectiveness in older people, around 15% of Americans over age 55 are taking the drug. Around 4.5 billion prescriptions are filled in the US each year, totaling more than $323 billion.

Alanna M.

Alanna M. is a graduate of Pace University.

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