ADHD Leads to Struggling as an Adult

ADHD Leads to Struggling as an Adult
ADHD Leads to Struggling as an Adult

33 years after ADHD diagnosis, adults were behind their peers and struggling with aspects of ADHD.

An article from Time Mag reported on a study about the long-term effect that ADHD has on the social and economic life of a person. This is a discouraging read. The study included 135 men (we won’t argue about the lack of women in this case. More boys are diagnosed with ADHD and that was even more so 33 years ago). Three decades after being diagnosed with ADHD at the Child Life Center, the Center conducted a follow up study and found as a group they “struggled more in occupational, educational, economic and social arenas later in life compared to men without the diagnosis.” These men had more drug abuse, personality disorders and divorce. The men had lower level jobs, made less money  and went to jail more often.

Presumably these men were treated when they were children for their ADHD, but the article does not include if they were treated with stimulants, behavioral therapy, a combination, some other way or not treated. The study did not include in it’s review question of the effect of the treatment.

After a distressing listing of all the challenges and failings of the now adult ADHD men, the article ends on an odd quote from  lead doctor Rachel Klein, “Most kids do OK…”  Really? Nothing in the article supports such a chipper conclusion.

ADHD may have lingering effects” October 16, 2012

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