Author: Alison Acerra

Alison Acerra

Alison Acerra MS RDN is founder of Strategic Nutrition Design, a consulting agency that serves the food industry at the intersection of human and planetary health. She brings years of experience defining nutrition strategies for a variety of businesses in the food, tech and wellness sectors. Alison has worked on behalf of several high profile Silicon Valley companies and specializes in plant-based nutrition, cardiovascular disease and diabetes prevention and management. She has co-authored a diabetes cookbook, served as a workgroup contributor to the Department of Defense Treatment Guidelines on Weight Management and is called upon to lecture on a variety of nutrition and food topics to various groups including physicians and professional organizations. She earned her Master’s of Science degree in Clinical Nutrition at New York University. In addition to her Medical Advisory Board membership with MedShadow, Alison also serves as an Advisory Board Member for the Nourishment Concept at the International Well Building Institute (IWBI). On her off hours, you can find Alison traveling the globe, cycling through the Bay Area, cooking plant-based meals or engaging in mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation.

There are many types of arthritis–over a hundred, to be exact. While they all revolve around damaged cartilage in your joints, the resulting inflammation always causes pain. Thankfully, there are foods to ease arthritis. Foods Are Medicine An anti-inflammatory diet can often ease the symptoms of this painful medical condition. We sat down with MedShadow Foundation Medical Advisory Board Member and Registered Dietician Nutritionist Alison Acerra to better understand exactly what foods you should and should not eat to ease the symptoms of arthritis. Check out our “Eat This, Not That: Arthritis” to help you understand her recommendations. You can…

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