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To help you sort through the news on the COVID-19 vaccine’s progress, MedShadow has created the MedShadow Vaccine Tracker, the only tracker focused on the side effects and adverse events associated with proposed COVID-19 vaccinations.

Rather than injecting patients with a weakened virus or proteins from the pathogen that our immune systems can recognize, which is what’s typically done when we get a flu vaccine, the new vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer — the two likely to make it to the market first in the U.S. — contain mRNA (messenger RNA), which is a genetic template that instructs our cells to build the viral proteins that our immune systems can then recognize. Its main perk is that allowing our bodies to produce the proteins (rather than growing them in a lab like traditional vaccines) slashes production time. For nearly 20 years, researchers have been interested in using mRNA in vaccines; and some were even tested in early clinical trials for rabies, influenza and Zika. However, the vaccines for COVID-19 will be the first mRNA vaccines ever approved by the FDA.

Some risks and minor side effects, such as a sore arm where the vaccine is injected or a light skin rash, are clearly worth the benefit of being protected against a disease. Where to draw the line at what is or is not acceptable is a personal decision. That’s where the MedShadow Vaccine Tracker can help. 

On the tracker, we will be publishing up-to-date Phase 3 results information about the risks of each vaccination. Phase 3 tests the vaccine for safety and efficacy in large groups of people (tens of thousands) and is the last stage before the FDA considers approval for use in the population at large. We continue following verified reports as the vaccines are offered to the general public. It is important to note that reports of events occurring after vaccination are not inherently linked to it. As countries begin to vaccinate hundreds of millions of people, some would inevitably be diagnosed with illnesses or pass away each day with or without the injections.

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covid-19 vaccine side effects
Graphic overview of various vaccine trial side effects.


Moderna started Phase III clinical trials for its vaccine candidate in July. In earlier trials, nearly half of patients experienced common adverse effects like injection site pain, rash, headaches, muscle soreness, nausea and fevers after the second injection. These effects generally subsided within two days. CNBC spoke to a few individuals, some participating in Moderna’s trial and some in Pfizer’s trial who said much the same thing: the side effects were intense and included a high fever, body aches, bad headaches and exhaustion, but were worth it for protection from Covid-19.

In the FDA report published in December, the most common side effects were pain at injection site (91.6% of patients), fatigue (68.5%), headache (63.0%), muscle pain (59.6%), joint pain (44.8%), and chills (43.4%). Three patients experienced Bell’s Palsy, a sudden, and usually temporary, weakening or paralysis of the facial muscles.

A few patients with facial fillers experienced swelling after receiving the vaccine. They were treated with antihistamines and steroids. In California, officials halted the use of one particular batch of Moderna vaccines (lot 41L20A) after a small cluster (fewer than 10) of patients at one particular site experienced allergic reactions that required medical attention.

Twenty-nine people in the U.S. have had anaphylactic reactions to either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. Most were treated with epinephrin (the drug in EpiPens) and none have died. The NIH has opened an investigation to determine which ingredient they are reacting to. As of right now, the CDC recommends caution for patients who have a history of anaphylactic reactions to any vaccination, but suggests that they can still be vaccinated as long as they take precautions. Patients are now being monitored for 15-30 minutes after receiving the vaccine to watch for signs of anaphylaxis. 

Moderna has announced that it will begin testing its vaccine in children and adolescents, who they believe may have stronger immune responses, leading to more intense side effects like fevers and aches.


Pfizer began Phase III clinical trial for its vaccine candidate in July. In earlier trials, some patients experienced common adverse effects like injection site pain, rash, headaches, muscle soreness, nausea and fevers. These effects generally subsided within two days. CNBC spoke to a few individuals, some participating in Pfizer’s trial and others in Moderna’s trial who said much the same thing: the side effects were intense and included a high fever body aches, bad headaches and exhaustion in addition to the more common side effects, but were worth it for protection from Covid-19.

Some patients described the side effects as being similar to a bad hangover. A nurse who participated in the clinical trial reported feeling minimal effects after the first dose, but a fever that reached more than 104 degrees Fahrenheit after the second injection, along with chills, headache, and intense injection site pain. According to researchers, her experience of having all symptoms together was rare, though many patients had one or two of these side effects. “Clinicians will need to be prepared to discuss with patients why they should trust the vaccine and that its adverse effects could look a lot like COVID-19,” the nurse wrote on Dec 7.

The FDA report published in December said the most common reactions were injection site reactions (84.1%), fatigue (62.9%), headache (55.1%), muscle pain (38.3%), chills (31.9%), joint pain (23.6%), fever (14.2%). The FDA reported that four patients who received the vaccine experienced Bell’s Palsy.

Twenty-nine people in the U.S. have had anaphylactic reactions to either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. Most were treated with epinephrin (the drug in EpiPens) and none have died. The NIH has opened an investigation to determine which ingredient they are reacting to. As of right now, the CDC recommends caution for patients who have a history of anaphylactic reactions to any vaccination, but suggests that they can still be vaccinated as long as they take precautions. Patients are now being monitored for 15-30 minutes after receiving the vaccine to watch for signs of anaphylaxis. 

A doctor in Florida died 16 days after receiving the vaccine from a rare blood disorder, acute immune thrombocytopenia. Both Pfizer and the CDC are investigating, though the company has released a statement that so far, they haven’t seen any signs in the clinical trials or data collected from early vaccinations that the death could be related to the vaccine. The blood disorder immune thrombocytopenia, has also been seen as a rare complication of COVID-19 itself, in both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients.

Twenty-three elderly patients in Norway died after receiving Pfizer’s vaccine. Officials are investigating whether or not the deaths are vaccine-related. Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, suggests that while the deaths may be coincidental given the fragile population, it’s possible that side effects of the vaccines, like fevers, may have strained the frail patients’ bodies and contributed to their deaths. Norway has vaccinated about 45,000 people so far, most of whom live in nursing homes.

CanSinBio (China) 

China granted the CanSinBio vaccine emergency approval prior to beginning a Phase III trial in August. In the Phase II trial, nearly three-quarters of patients reported at least one common mild adverse events including injection site pain, rash, headaches, muscle soreness, and fevers. Five people also reported vomiting.

Gamaleya Research Institute (Russia)

Gamaleya Research Institute launched Phase III trials in August. But before they got started, President Putin announced that the vaccine was approved early, however, the Phase III trials are expected to continue. In the earlier trials, almost all of the patients experienced low-grade fevers. A small number of patients reported heart palpitations. Otherwise, reported side effects were similar to other vaccines and included injection site pain, rash, headaches, and muscle soreness.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson started a Phase III trial for its vaccine candidate in September, but paused it on October 12 due to an unexplained illness and remains on hold. The company announced it would restart the trial on October 26. Pauses are common during clinical trials to evaluate specific adverse events, but the company has not shared details about the illness experienced by one of the trial volunteers. In earlier trials, about 70% of patients experienced at least one mild adverse effect similar to those seen with other vaccines, including injection site pain, rash, headaches, muscle soreness, and fevers.


On September 6, the company paused the trial to investigate a patient who developed transverse myelitis – dangerous inflammation of the spinal cord. Researchers determined that the incident was unrelated to the vaccine and quickly restarted the trial in most countries, however it remained paused in the US until October 26. On October 21, scientists reported a patient in the trial had died, however, according to a local newspaper, the patient was in the control arm of the trial, meaning they’d received a placebo instead of the vaccine, so the trial is ongoing.

In earlier trials, many patients reported mild adverse effects similar to those associated with the other vaccines including injection site pain, rash, headaches, muscle soreness, and fevers. The team gave some of these patients preventative acetaminophen to reduce pain and fever. Nearly half of patients also experienced temporary neutropenia – a reduction in white blood cells that can make a person more susceptible to infections.

The vaccine has been approved for use in the U.K., Argentina, India, and Mexico.

Novavax (United Kingdom)

Novavax began Phase III clinical trials with its vaccine candidate in the United Kingdom in September and is had planned to start a trial in the United States in October. The trial was delayed due to manufacturing problems. The U.S. trial started on December 28. During Phase I/II trials, patients reported adverse events similar to those of other vaccine candidates, including injection site pain, rash, headaches, muscle pain, fever, nausea and vomiting. 

 Sinopharm (China) 

In July, Sinopharm launched Phase III trials of its two vaccine candidates in the United Arab Emirates, Peru, Morocco, and Argentina, which are now approved for limited use in healthcare workers in China and the UAE. In earlier trials of one of the vaccines, made in collaboration with Wuhan Institute of Biological Products, about 15% of the patients reported adverse events similar to those of other vaccine candidates, including injection site pain, rash, headaches, muscle pain, fever, nausea and vomiting. There is little data available about the second vaccine, made in collaboration with the Beijing Institute of Biological Products.

Sinovac (China)

Sinovac opened Phase III trials of its vaccine candidate, CoronaVac, in July. It is already being used with emergency approval for high risk individuals in China. The earlier trials showed that about a third of patients experienced adverse effects similar to those in other vaccine candidates like injection site pain, fever, and fatigue, but the study included few details about more specific symptoms like nausea, headaches, and vomiting. On November 10, the trial was halted in Brazil due to a participant’s death. However, researchers say the death was not vaccine-related and the trial should continue. It has not been halted in other countries.

Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (England)

The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute is running a Phase III trial repurposing Bacillus Calmette-Guerin — a vaccine developed nearly a century ago to prevent tuberculosis infections — to prevent Covid-19. Since the vaccine has been around such a long time, there are many reports on its potential adverse effects and the vaccine itself has been altered to minimize many of them. Injection site reactions are common, and lymphadenitis, swelling of the lymph nodes, is common.  

Bharat Biotech

Bharat Biotech announced it would begin Phase III trials in India on October 23. In early trials demonstrated side effect profiles similar to those of the other vaccines, including pain at the injection site, fatigue, headache, and fever. The country announced emergency approval, though no Phase III data was included in the announcement.

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96 thoughts on “COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effect Tracker

  1. Thanks very much for developing the Covid 19 vaccine side-effects tracker. This will be very important information to have!

  2. I find it embarrassing that the “vaccine” administered to the control group of the Astrazeneca trials is falsely called a placebo when in fact the control group also had actual vaccines.
    This makes the control group as susceptible for side effects as the main group just as the case with the fraudulent approval of the HPV-vaccine Gardasil where the control group also received all the ingredients just not the antigens.
    By comparing a vaccine to something that is not a real placebo will make the comparison ridiculous due to the fact that both groups will have similar effects.
    In the Gardasil trials this similarity was used to create a false narrative that there was no significant difference between the two groups, actual vaccinated and placebo… Although there was no real placebo group.
    Just a note!

    1. @Mads Wedel-Ibsen- You don’t know what you are talking about. I’m a participant in the Astrazeneca Phase III trial; 2 out of 3 people get the actual vaccine, and 1 out of 3 people get the Placebo (sterile saline solution).

    2. The control group for the Astrazeneca Phase 3 trial in the USA is receiving an injection saline solution. I am a Phase 3 participant.

  3. dear sir i havean allergy with penecilin after i cut a finger seventy years ago. i am now 82 and expecting to get the covid vacine so would it be safe to have the vacination.
    can you help ? drg cummins.

    1. Hello, there –
      I am also allergic to penecillin (and allergic to codeine as well, for anyone reading) and I have received the first dose of the Moderna vaccine. I have had no allergic reaction. I have also witnessed several other patients who are allergic to penecillin and one other who was allergic to both penecillin and codeine like me, and they all did just fine. I work for a healthcare system and have been helping out at the vaccine clinics that we are hosting. Our doctor on site also gave the okay when people have asked about those allergies.

  4. I am concerned with statements like “these solicited adverse events were generally short-lived.” Pfizer’s report has similar language (‘most’ resolved within 2-3 days). These vague sentences could mean ‘nearly half the time symptoms persisted indefinitely’! Did all instances of fever or fatigue, for example, resolve eventually? Or did some people have fevers and fatigue for weeks and still had them when the follow up period ended?

  5. If people realized how ridiculous is to give those “vague” sentences for something as important as health, side effects, symptoms….. But it just shows that human-factor and human-life is not as important as “the end goal” of “eliminating a virus”…..
    I would be much more concerned with all the biolabs in existence throughout the world…. The reason why should we LET this labs exist, instead of banning them! What makes them less dangerous than “weapons of mass destruction”?!

  6. I am a volunteer with the Astrazeneca program and have a serious concern regarding their protocols and disclosure. I tolerated the initial injection without side-effects yet developed a strange auto-immune response immediately after the second injection. On the morning after the second injection, I noticed a large nodule on the middle joint of my finger which has not resolved. I have left several messages with the team advising of this development and have yet to receive a return call. While this is obviously not life-threatening, I strongly believe that it is a side-effect of the vaccine which should be noted as any other side-effect.

    1. If you are in the U.S. you might also be able to report this to the CDC. They track adverse reactions of all kinds. I and my sister both had a rare (not recorded) reaction to a medication and I asked my physician’s office to report it. They did, but it makes extra work, so you can imagine that a lot could slip through the cracks. Worth doing. I’m concerned about this too for people with autoimmune diseases. I’d love to see an explanation about why this should be safe for such folks. Obviously this will be hypothetical based on logic/theory of how the immune system works. While clinical trials are important, we need more information for a novel vaccine.

  7. A rheumatologist should be including in follow up of adverse side effects after the last shot and every month after for 6 months or so. Checking inflammation over time and markers for disease is important. This symptoms that “usually” go away can be symptoms or early stages of a chronic disease. Leaving it to the public to report side effects is difficult because many do not understand their body or have access to good health care and by the time they do find a diagnosis it is later after visits to multiple doctors.

  8. i had my covid 19 vaccine and the day after i ended in the emergency room with shorth of breath, tachycardia , high blood pressure, nauseas, chills, dizziness they did all tests possible and the conclusion is that had a very bad reaction to the vaccine . I am 43 years healthy don’t have any medical conditions and my covid 19 test was negative . is scary how people is reactioning to the vaccine not sure if I will get the second dose

      1. I received the Moderna vaccine on 1/12/2121 at about 4:00 The next day about noon I started feeling like I was forming a fever blister on my lip . On 1/14/2121 I had a rather large fever blister forming with swelling.

  9. Its good to know how risky,the risk potential long term is unknown, but since there is a safe and effective natural therapy-why bother,

    1. Are you nuts? If there was a safe and effective natural therapy for this, people wouldn’t be dying by the thousands every day. Inform yourself!

  10. I am a 61 yo working nurse with Asthma and Diabetes. I got my first injection at 0815 and by 1000 the headache started. As the day progressed I had more injection site discomfort but nothing beyond the usual flu shot irritation. I woke up the second day with fatigue and a low grade fever and chills. Today is day three and the headache is still there but the rest of the symptoms have subsided. Out of the seven coworkers that received the vaccination on the same day, only two of us had symptoms.

  11. My daughter received the Moderno vaccine on Wednesday December 30 New Year’s day her face swelled she had a heart rate of 135 she was admitted to emergency room in Everett Washington she’s a front line healthcare provider and her worksite required her to take the vaccine she was admitted to the ER again not with the swelling but with tremors hi heart rate was having a hard time breathing she was admitted to the ER again where they administered IV the first time she had received steroids but no swelling so they just gave her fluids and Valium to reduce her heart rate I am extremely concerned as she has continued dizziness 10 days after the vaccine she is still dizzy what’s the long-term effect I see that the reported adverse reactions as .6% I do not believe her house worksite reported they adverse reaction if anyone has information in regards how to be treated when you have adverse reactions and dizziness high heart rate fatigue she’s experiencing fatigue now 10 days after the vaccine please contactMe

  12. Please help. I received the moderna vaccine on Dec 30th (health care professional) today is January 9th. I have a baseball size rash, hot to touch, not painful that started last a Tuesday (six days after injection). At first my arm was a bit sore but nothing more than the flu vaccine. I have drawn a circle around the mark to see if it is increasing in size, it has been increasing each day. I went to dr and they. Told me they don’t know what is causing this but put me on an antibiotic. I am scheduled for second vaccine on Jan 25th. Not sure if I should still get this.

    1. I had similar reaction with Moderna. Dau #2, arm was very sore (more than I’ve ever had with flu vaccine. On day # 8 noticed a light rash starting. Rash got progressively itchy and larger over the next day. It is now day #10 and redness has started to lessen but spread is a bit larger. Still remains itchy, slightly sensitive and warm to touch. I am having 2nd thoughts about dose #2.

      1. I also developed a rash hot to the touch exactly 7 days after my first dose of the moderna vaccine and it’s progressively gotten worse. It’s not a major concern but it is uncomfortable. I’ve just been putting cortisone cream on it. Did either of yours clear up? I’m 9 days post vaccine, 2 days with the rash.

      2. I am having the same reaction, a baseball size, red, hot, raised mark where I got the shot. I, also, am using a pen to guage the growth. Haha…..

      3. I had Moderna vaccine 8 days ago with no issue until this morning when I woke up with an extremely swollen injection site that is red, warm and very hard and it was initially itching, now just aching. Would appreciate knowing when your swelling went down and if you noticed any other side effects.

        1. I received the Moderna Covid -19 vaccine 1/15/21 around 11am MST

          1/16-17 or 18 had some slight swelling and sensitivity at the injection site. The first few nights I slept uneasy but, had very vivid anxiety filled dreams. I dreamt I was infected with an alien, a survivor in apocalyptic time trying to revive plant-life and last my husband was buying Luvs diaper… The last one was pretty random considering I am 39 and have 0 desire to bring new babies into our home.

          I’ve been tired and hungry at night. I’ve been sleeping more than usual. It’s super difficult to wake up in the morning. My eyes have been watering at night when I’m super tired.

          After my evening nap 7:30-10pm The injection site is swollen, itchy and slightly warm to the touch. I’m glad I am not the only recipient to have these symptoms approximately week after the first dose.

          I’m keeping a vaccine journal and will post any major changes. Good luck to all.

      4. I am now having a similar rash 10 days after my first Moderna shot. Rash started at the injection site the size of a tennis ball and was red, hot and itchy. But I also have small itchy hives on my left hand and both ankles and calves. Glad to know I am not the only one, but also wondering about shot #2.

      5. I got my vaccine in January 10 and everything was fine. Just a little sore. Now out of no where, 8 days later my upper arm to shoulder is in “arthritis-like” pain, swelling the size of a baseball and a red rash appeared at the injection site!

      6. I had my first moderma shot on Jan 11 with and today Jan 19 I started itching at injection site. When I touch the area I can feel a lump and it’s a bit red. When researching I did see it’s fairly common to have a lump after receiving a vaccine. Will keep an eye on it. Took a picture for reference.

        1. The same thing is happening to me. I got the first dose of moderna vaccine 1/12/2021. I am a 28 year old woman with no underlying conditions or health issues. My arm was sore for a few days like any other vaccine, then fine. Now it’s nine days later and I just got out of the shower and noticed the red mark at the injection site, a few inches across, hot to the touch but not painful. I do also have eczema but this looks different and my eczema has never been on my upper arm. I will try tylenol and cold compresses after reading some of these other replies.

        2. Figured I would add to this thread as well. Originally my symptoms went away after about 24 hours (Moderna) save for the expected arm pain. But now 9 or 10 days post, the pain returned, it’s hot to the touch and itchy. I haven’t talked to my PCP yet, but I still fully intend on getting the booster.

          1. I am on day 7 post Moderna vaccine and just today developed a baseball size rash at the injection site. It looks like hives almost. Itchy and hot. Not painful. Did anybody do anything that makes this go away? I’ll call my doctor obviously in the morning.

      7. I am so worried because the same thing happened to me. I was at the vaccine site and was waiting for obligatory 20 minutes and I told the nurse I was experiencing tingling and pain at the injection site.
        They said that if it was just contained o the injection site that it was not a problem. Now it has been 8 days since and it has not gone away nor become less warm, hard and itchy. I am extremely worried about getting a second dose. I have a feeling that it is triggering some kind of auto immune response. I don’t want to go the doctor!!!!!

        What should we all do? This is NOT NORMAL.

        1. I also got the Moderna shot. My arm was sore the first day only. No redness. I was very tired and had a bad sinus headache for 6 days. Still tired at day 10 and my arm is now red with a large rash. It also itches. I’m a healthy 45 year old.

        2. I also got the Moderna shot. 1/12/21. My arm was sore the first day only. No redness. I was very tired and had a bad sinus headache for 6 days. Still tired at day 10 and my arm is now red with a large rash. It also itches. I’m a healthy 45 year old.

    2. I have the same reaction. I got my first dose 8 days ago, and today, I woke up to a huge rash on my arm. They gave me topical steroid cream.

    3. Hi! Did you get an update from your Dr about getting the second vaccine? I got the vaccine 8 days ago and have the same experience you are describing. Bit sore after getting injection, but warm baseball size rash suddenly appeared yesterday (7 days after vaccine).

    4. I had similar reaction. Vaccination was fine. No significant issues then day 7 axillary pain and, later in the day, my arm at injection sight turned red hard and tender. Lasted 4-5 days. Delayed sensitivity I suspect but not sure if I will get second shot.

      1. Exact same thing happened to me. My arm was really sore the day after the injection, but subsided by day 3. Day 8 it has become itchy, red, arm, with a raised bump, & my axillary lymph node is swollen. I’m a 46 y/o female.

    5. First Dose Moderna Jan. 15th
      Yesterday, Jan. 23rd
      Injection Site is red, warm, itchy, hard lump.
      No Pain, No other Rx.

    6. Hi VA. Did the swelling and redness subside? Are you going to get the second? If so, I’m curious if you have the same reaction. I had my first of Modern on January 16 and the redness and swelling began January 22. Still planning to get the second but would like to be more prepared.

    7. I too had the Moderna vaccine and 10 days later out of nowhere my injection site became swollen and very painful and itchy! That was followed by a headache and chills that lasted for two days. My swollen injection spot did slowly go down and stopped itching and aching. I’m due to have my second shot Feb 4th. I will have it because I’m not going through all this for nothing. I just hope that the first shot has done it’s job so that the second shot won’t be as bad.

  13. Thank you Covid -19 vaccine side effects tracker , you made my day. From Jordan the due respect to your team. Dr. Ziad Najjar MD. MPH

  14. Hey Michelle,
    I too am experiencing this. I reached out to our Medical Director handing our Vaccine clinics (who also happens to be my PCP). I thought I would share my experience with you and with others. I received my first dose on 1/2/21. My arm was sore that day and even more sore on day two. Then I was fine until day 7 and the site was tender again. Day 8 I woke up with redness, hot to the touch and very itchy. I was told to try Tylenol, hydrocortisone and cold compresses. It’s a little better today, less itch. I don’t think the Tylenol did anything. I was told that it isn’t an allergic reaction as that is within the first 15 minutes to 4 hours of receiving the vaccination. I’m told that this is a side effect and my body’s robust response. I was told that the contraindication of my symptoms wouldn’t prevent me from receiving the second dose. More info here under the ‘Recommendation for Contraindication and Precautions’ section:
    Also, anyone can and should report any symptoms to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)
    The more information we can provide them the better. Hope you get some relief. Also, I’m a 41 yr old female, got the Moderna vaccine.

    1. I only got my Moderna vaccine 2 days ago however I joined a group on Facebook of people who have received the vaccine. It is very common on there to read about people getting a red, itchy, hot, round rash near injection site and it always seems to be right around day 8 and most of said it starts to get better a few days later. Some have mentioned cold compress, some have taken antibiotics to make sure its not cellulitis. I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea for this to be reported to VAERS so that can track it all.

    2. Jame- I too have had the same experience. Baseball size swelling, itchy, warm, painful starting on Day 8. It’s now Day 11 and the redness and soreness has continued to spread out and down my arm. When did yours go away? Did you ever take anything? I was told by nurses that ts very common and it’s my bodies response to the vaccine but others cautioned it could be cellulitis. Looking for people experience and how it was resolved and very importantly the time line to resolution. Thank you!

  15. Michelle, a very similar thing has happened to my mom. She also got the vaccine on Dec 30, and for the first couple of days just had arm soreness and a little fatigue. She was fine after that until Jan 10 when – just like you – she developed a baseball size rash on her arm which is warm and itches a bit but doesn’t really hurt. She went to a doctor today and the doctor said they have heard of this happening to some people who’ve gotten Covid shots and don’t know what’s causing it but she too prescribed an antibiotic. Can you let me know what other medical advice you receive, and I’ll do the same?

    1. I developed a baseball size redness (coupled with mild itching) around the injection site 2 days ago, 10 days after I received the 1st dose of Moderna -Vaccine. Redness area seems to be subsiding and itching is gone. Will watch progress next few days, and will not think it is cellulitis, in need of antibiotics, unless arm’s redness does not continue to improve/recede. Please advise if you have any updated information to share. Thank you.

  16. I had the first vaccine and had side effects, I had headaches, nausea, back pain and it even felt like I had a UTI. I became lethargic and could not focus: and had to leave work half a day. And then could not go back to work because i still could not focus, I would stumble over my words, could not finish a sentence. My back pain started to get better after 2 weeks and then I had to get the second shot, now my back hurts again and I have periods where I run fever. And all the other side effects.

  17. I had a similar reaction after my 1st dose of Moderna. I initially had some soreness and redness a few days later, but it subsided. On day 4 post vaccine, I felt very fatigued and had to take a sick day. By day 7, I developed red, itchy spots at the injection site which turned into a large, itchy welt by the end of day 8. My MD prescribed Medrol and hydroxyzine, which is helping the symptoms. I was concerned about taking the second vaccine, as well. My doctor said this was not a systemic reaction – just a local reaction. I will likely take my second dose but will definitely have some Benadryl handy.

  18. My daughter and I had the Moderna vaccine (both have autoimmune conditions) and we both had intense arm pain immediately after the first injection that developed into a hot, red rash (size of a baseball). Hers also has a hard lump. It’s very hot and itchy. It’s been 12 days since we received the first vaccine and doctors don’t know what to do. They recommended Benadryl and Motrin. Benadryl helps a little, but it’s just not going away. We are both very nervous about getting the second shot.

  19. I am a 48 yr old nurse and received the Pfizer vaccine 1st dose on Jan 11th. Arm was fine. Felt like I had a mild hangover – nothing huge but just felt under the weather that night and the next day. Tylenol / advil cleared it up. I am having symptoms that may not be related but started on the evening of post-vaccination day 1 – soreness / mild inflammation on edges of eyelids- one side greater than another. Almost like several sty’s but nothing visible. Eyes watering and mild pink eye type symptoms but eye itself is not reddened. Strictly along lash line upper and lower lids. Swelling and sore. Other eye is mild on one side of eye only. Polysporin drops don’t seem to do alot. Now 72 hrs after it started (96hrs post vaccination) and is slightly improved. While I doubt it is vaccine related, I am throwing it out there to see if anyone else had eye symptoms. I know the actual virus was reported to cause some in certain people. I have had both sty’s and pink eye before but this seems different – not quite either. Moderate – sore/watering – unable to wear eye makeup past few days. Probably unrelated but vaccine is too new to know for sure. Thanks!

  20. I had the Moderna vaccine on January 7th. Today, January 16th, I noticed the redness on the arm the shot was injected in was all down my arm from my shoulder to almost my elbow, warm to the touch and itchy. I went to Urgent care, but the physician didn’t know why it would show up after 10 days or what it was.. He gave me a script for an antibiotic and told me to take Claritin and go to the emergency room if it got worse. Reading the comments on this page has helped me to understand I am not alone with this reaction. I hope you will continue to post how long the reaction took to go away.

  21. Currently in the UK it is not for under 16, severe allergies or pregnancy and also now those with Guillain-Barré syndrome. the ‘gold standard’. However some people who are more vulnerable to this ingredient and can even develop antibodies against this substance and therefore develop allergic, sometimes severe, reactions to it.
    There are many studies from a few years ago to more recently at the the beginning of this year regarding the Importance of ‘Poly(ethylene glycol) Alternatives for Overcoming PEG Immunogenicity in Drug Delivery and Bioconjugation,’ which would then help decrease the risk of adverse side effects even more, which could be one point. This is just one study of many and alternatives are being developed and not all vaccines will use this ingredient, I understand currently for PfizerBioNTech at this stage, it is not recommended for under 16, those with severe allergies, pregnancy and also now those with Guillain-Barré syndrome.

  22. Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is one of the ingredients the PfizerBioNTech and Moderna vaccine and it was considered the ‘gold standard’. However some people are more vulnerable to this ingredient and can even develop antibodies against this substance and therefore develop allergic, sometimes severe, reactions to it.
    There are many studies from a few years ago to more recently at the the beginning of this year, regarding the Importance of ‘Poly(ethylene glycol) Alternatives for Overcoming PEG Immunogenicity in Drug Delivery and Bioconjugation,’ which would then help decrease the risk of adverse side effects even more, which could be one point. This is just one study of many and alternatives are being developed and not all vaccines will use this ingredient, I understand currently for PfizerBioNTech at this stage, it is not recommended for under 16, those with severe allergies, pregnancy and also now those with Guillain-Barré syndrome.

  23. Margaret Liu, the chairman of the board of the International Society for Vaccines and a pioneer of gene-based vaccines. (Liu is on scientific advisory board of the University of Oxford’s Jenner Institute, which developed AstraZeneca’s vaccine for COVID-19.) Had this to say in ‘The Scientist’.
    “Why these vaccines (mRNA) seem so effective while previous attempts against other pathogens haven’t appeared as promising remains an open question. One simple reason, according to Liu, might be the sheer volume of resources that were poured into developing them. Liu also hypothesizes that one explanation for the high levels of efficacy is that the vaccines might be triggering a nonspecific inflammatory response to the mRNA that could be heightening its specific immune response, given that the modified nucleoside technique reduced inflammation but hasn’t eliminated it completely. On the flip side, she adds, this may also explain the intense reactions such as aches and fevers reported in some recipients of the mRNA SARS-CoV-2 vaccines. (Others have suggested that the lipid nanoparticle is responsible for these severe, but transient, side effects reported in some trial participants.)”?

  24. I had the Pfizer vaccine with very minor fatigue fatigue and some aches in my back and knee after the second dose. I have spoken to about a hundred other medical staff members and none of us and no one we have spoken to have had anything more dramatic then what I experienced. None of my office personnel have had their second Moderna dose, but the first dose was without side effects on 35 people. Sorry that there are individuals who are having less fortune. Many of the things described above are side effects we see after administering allergy shots.

  25. Sad that the article is not updated but is month and month old. Good that we get the realtime comments and stories though!

    1. Hi Mette,
      This article is updated as we see media reports of any adverse reactions. It’s usually 1-2 updates per week, mostly under the Moderna and Pfizer categories.

  26. I am a pharmacist in Memphis, Tennessee, I have received both vaccinations with Phizer vaccine for Covid. The first shot went ok – no major side effects or issues. The second shot that I received on 1/7/21 has been a different story. Initially nothing was wrong. About 36-48hrs later my right thumb started to pain me when I used my right hand for anything or the simplest of tasks as in tying my shoe. I didn’t think much of it and thought maybe I hurt it doing something else, but I couldn’t recall where I might have hurt it. Then I thought this could be from the vaccine. I tried to look up cases of this but didn’t find anything so then I just tried to convince myself it was something else and kept complaining to my wife. That was until my wife went to work last Friday 1/15/21 and she told me how one of her clients said she had taken the vaccine (second shot) and has been experiencing unbearable pain in her right thumb. My wife at the time freaked out and asked her again to repeat what she said. She then called me and told me what the lady had told her and how she has been complaining about the same thing for over a week now. The pain is unbearable when I use my right hand for the simplest of tasks (pick up anything, hold something, etc). When i don’t use the hand or thumb there is no pain. its almost two weeks now I have been dealing with this.

  27. I received my first shot on 1/5. No side effects except a very sore arm. A week later I developed a rash and my injection site was hot and itched like crazy. I took Benadryl and put hydrocortisone cream on it along with cold compresses. It went away after 3 days. A week after that it came back only this time the splotchy redness was all over the side of my arm. It did not itch as much, but the rash was over a much larger area. I am doing the same again, but it has been 3 days and has not gone away yet. I am not sure I am going to get my second shot.

  28. I thought you were talking about me! I am also 41, female, had Moderna vaccine last Monday. So today is day 8 and I also woke up with a baseball size redness on my left arm where I had the injection. Super hot to touch , feels firm when pressed and very itch. Itchness was worse in the morning, it was so bad I thought it was a bug bite. I applied cortizone 10 cream but it didn’t do anything. Icing the area helped a bit but it becomes hot again quick. I outlined the area with a pen… hopefully it gets better in few days 🙁

  29. I got my 1st dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine! After receiving my first shot, my temperature elevated slightly. I could not sleep at all that night because I experienced body aches, fever, chills, headache, dried mouth, and fatigue. My injected arm was extremely sore. I did not take Ibuprofen or Advil. Instead, I drank a lot of water and went to the bathroom frequently, too. The next day I tried to take a nap during the day and headed to bed early as well. My body was back to perfectly normal on the fourth day after I got that Vaccine.

  30. Hello,
    I had my Moderna vaccine on January 11, 2021. Initially I felt fine. 15 minutes after I experienced tachycardia, dizziness, shortness of breath, warm feeling over my entire body, tremors, nausea, fatigue, and weakness. I was admitted to the ER and was told I was having a severe reaction. I received IV cortisone, benedryl, pepcid, and fluids. Episodes started to come less frequently and I was discharged. Day 2 I had severe fatigue, dizziness, low grade fever, chills, headache, loss of appetite, and diarrhea. Day 2 my arm that I got the shot in is very hot to touch and extremely painful. I cannot lie on that side. I have diarrhea, dry throat, episodes of dizziness, and spikes in blood pressure. Day 3 arm is a little less painful, still unable to eat much, and diarrhea continues, and have body aches. I’ve been taking tylenol for the fever and body aches. Woke up at 2 a.m. drenched. Day 4 symptoms are the same. Day 5 throat is still dry, diarrhea is getting slightly better, dizziness, low grade fever is the same. Day 6 body aches are slightly better, still have very little energy. Diarrhea stopped, stopped taking the tylenol and temperature throughout the day goes down to normal and then back up to 99.9. Day 7 — feel about the same as yesterday, Day 8 –was able to eat a little more and seem to have appetite back. Still have low grade fever and some spikes in blood pressure, also put dishes away and ran the vaccuum then had to take a nap. Day 9, feel a little better but still have bouts of dizziness, and still have low grade fever that comes and goes throughout the day. Also still feel fatigue. I’m starting to feel like I will never feel normal again. Has anyone else experienced these side effects from the Moderna vaccine. Also my PCP said for me not to get the 2nd dose.

  31. I’m a healthcare worker. Had my first Moderna shot 1/10. Last night 1/20 , noticed redness about the size of my fist around injection site. This AM, redder and sore. A little warm in the area too. Just took Benedryl and will see how it responds.
    May be unrelated to shot, but one day after shot I began to have pain on the top of my left eye. Not the lid. I was much worse 2 days later and now has seems to subsided, but still mild.

  32. After receiving my first dose of Moderna Covid vaccine I did good sore arm at injection for a few days then everything seemed fine . Now 8 days after injections site is swollen,red and in size spread overnight from nickel size to the size of a lemon . Called Dr. they put me on Zyrtec and asked me to mark the site site report back to them if it keeps spreading . Hoping for the best rethinking about following through with 2 Nd shot .

  33. Same story here. Received the first Moderna vaccine 1/9. Had a little arm stiffness that and the following day (nothing more than a flu shot would elicit). Everything seemed fine until day #7, when the injection site began to itch and swell, and a red/pink rash developed. The rash has slowly gotten bigger, but has begun to fade. The symptoms seem to be entirely local, no fever or systemic symptoms. Spoke with my doctor who assured me this is an injection-site reaction, and encouraged me to get the second shot. I’m a 43 year-old female.

  34. I am a 41 year old female and received my first Moderna dose on 1/12. It was sore and after a three days no indication of shot. Now on 1/21 I also have a baseball size lump at the vaccine site that is itchy and hot to the touch. I am going to the dr tomorrow at 8 am. Glad to see overs are having the same reaction t I am concerned bc many people say that the second dose has more severe reactions . Not sure what to do.

  35. having the same thing with the moderna shot. Developed some small bumps day 8 near the injection site. turned into hive looking bumps which went away. One day later looks like a large red, swollen patch that is a little itchy but hot to the touch.

  36. I had the Pfizer vaccine 1/7 and am still experiencing headaches that land me on the couch. I’ve spoken to Pfizer safety team, they said see your PCP…. thing is it’s all so new and no one really knows. I’m scared to get the second dose next week. I’ve never been a headache person and I’m exhausted.

  37. I also got a tennis ball sized red swelling with rash 8 days after the moderna injection. For those of you with the same side effect, did it eventually go away? How long did it take and what did you do for it? Thanks

  38. Exact same thing for me as well! I got the moderna number 1 on january 14, 2021, absolutely NO side effects until 8 days later. Tennis ball….hard, hot, red, and itchy. Hope this goes away. Please report back when yours subsides.

  39. Received my first Moderna dose on 01/15. I had a very sore arm at night and second day. One strange thing is after about 20 min of the injection, suddenly one of my eyes start to see mang tiny tiny dot floating. It is all over the whole one eye vision. It really bothers me. I am not sure if it is because of the vaccine. But it did happen about 20 min after the vaccine. Since Moderna can be storage at -20 degrees which means this RNA might have more Lipid Nanoparticles to stabilize the mRNA. I wonder if the small lipid particles can enter the Aqueous Humor Circulation. One week after the vaccine, the dot becomes light and gradually reduced now.

  40. I greatly appreciate this side-effect tracker. I had my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine 48 hours ago. Within an hour my shoulder felt as if it had been punched hard, and remained extremely sore for 36 hours. Now, two days after the shot, I’ve developed extreme fatigue/exhaustion to the point I’ve been laying down all day. Will update again when things resolve.

  41. Got my first moderna shot 1/14 and one week later got a large red patch at the injection site and it itched mildly. The red area has gotten bigger, but the itching a bright redness and the hot feeling have subsided. This is only the second day after the initial reaction, so so far, it didn’t last long. Used Benadryl cream to help itching. A little leary of the second shot. I’m 73

  42. I received the Pfizer vaccine and immediately felt like I had a tennis ball in my throat. The sensation has not gone away, day 2. However, I never had any problems breathing. Has anyone else experienced something like this?

  43. I’m so glad I found this comment space! I received my first dose of Moderna on 1/15. Everything has been totally fine, and this morning I woke up with a welt on the injection site arm, super red, itchy (not crazy) and hard. I fully intend to get the second dose but this is weird! Let’s keep each other posted.

  44. Same red, hot skin here. Mine keeps spreading and covered most of my arm (elbow to shoulder). Original spots healed turning from red to yellow after a week. Histamine blocker, antibiotics, and ointments. 4 Dr’s no real diagnosis. How has the healing process been for you?

  45. I had moderna vaccine 10 days ago and was fine til tonight when I noticed a rash that is hot to the touch. I applied an over the counter cortisone cream on it but after reading all your information i don’t know what to expect will happen next. I will take all your advice and see what works. I hope it goes away before I have my second shot. Please keep letting us know how long it takes to go away.

  46. I had my first vaccine on 1/15 and had pain and soreness at the injection site for a few days. I also had a low grade fever and a headache that lasted for 3 days. Now it’s day 8 and I have a red itchy rash at the injection site and feel a little dizzy. I would really love some answers bc I’m not comfortable taking the second dose.

  47. I received my first dose of Pfizer’s Ccovid-19 vaccine today and within 15 minutes of the shot being administered, I started feeling dizzy. Fortunately, the clinic was next to a hospital (Lincolnton, NC). The medics who initially responded checked blood pressure sitting and standing. There was a 20 point drop between sitting and standing. I spent the afternoon in the Emergency Room while they did bloodwork and a CAT Scan – no problems found. From what research I’ve done, it appears that I had a mild (?) anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine. Knowing that the second shot typically has a strong reaction, I need to find out what to do. Do I get the second shot?

  48. Like so many others it is my 10 day from moderna and a huge growing swollen red solid hive at site of rash I see many people questioning if they will get 2nd dose I wonder is anyone has gone through this and then had second dose

  49. I got the tennis ball sized itchy rash on day 6 at the injection site. No other noticeable effects. It’s gone down now to almost normal on day 11.

  50. I received my first shot of the Moderna vaccine on Jan. 14. I had no side effects other than a slightly sore area at the injection site. On Jan. 22 – 8 days later – I too began to experience a redness at the injection site,. The area was very warm to the touch and developed a hard lump at the injection site. On the second day after this began, I took a small amount of Benadryl which seemed to help with the lump. By today, the redness has diminished somewhat, the swelling is considerably better and the arm is not nearly as warm to the touch any longer.
    I am very interested to find out if other people who have experienced this ‘on the 8th day….’ occurrence have gotten their second shot and, if so, if they had any or different reactions. I will admit I’m a little bit concerned about getting the 2nd shot, but will do it because I am more afraid of contracting Covid.

  51. I would like to add to my above comment that I had a very similar reaction in late October when I got my senior dose flu shot, but the reaction was the very next day, not 8 days later. My arm got red, hot to the touch and hard.

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