FDA Warns About the Side Effects of Injectable Silicone to Enhance Body Shapes

The FDA is warning consumers about the life-threatening risks associated with using injectable silicone to enhance parts of the body. Certain injectable dermal fillers are FDA approved, such as those used to enhance the lips and cheeks. However, no injectable filler is FDA approved for large-scale body enhancement.

The FDA has found that unqualified physicians have injected illegal or unapproved body fillers like silicone or oils into patients, which can be potentially fatal. Injectable silicone that is used for large-scale body procedures can block blood vessels in the lungs, heart or brain, and cause a stroke or even death. Patients can experience severe side effects years after the procedure and require multiple surgical interventions to treat post-injection symptoms.

The agency adds that people should never get fillers for use in the breasts, rear end or spaces between the muscles. Consumers should also avoid buying fillers on the internet as they may be fake or contaminated. Also, consumers should only have the injections administered by a licensed healthcare provider.

Alanna M.

Alanna M. is a graduate of Pace University.

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