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5 Facts About a Controversial Treatment for Lyme Disease

August 17, 2017

When Dana Parish developed a bull’s-eye rash and was diagnosed with Lyme disease, her physician prescribed a 21-day course of antibiotics. Parish assumed her treatment — and her symptoms — would end when she finished her antibiotics.

She was wrong. Over the next few months, she developed swollen joints, Continue Reading →

Are You Allergic to the Drug — Or to the Binding Agent?

August 10, 2017

In the ’90s, a customer walked into Norman Tomaka’s pharmacy and told him she didn’t want to take her thyroid medication anymore. Tomaka spent the next 15 minutes asking why: What about her medicine didn’t feel right? Were there other times she also felt that way? Then he called the Continue Reading →

Treating Neuropathy: Why Medications Are a Pain, and Some Alternatives for Relief

August 3, 2017

Patricia Braden liked hiking for hours in the woods and walking her Corgi-mix dog near her home in Greensboro, NC. The retired clinical psychologist also enjoyed long conversations with friends, family, and her clients.

But those days are over because of peripheral neuropathy and the side effects — Continue Reading →

Calcium Supplements: Pros, Cons & Expert Tips

July 27, 2017

Everyone needs calcium, right? It seems many people are concerned about avoiding osteoporosis. No one wants to end up being painfully hunched over while using a cane or walker.

So should we all load up on calcium supplements? Not so fast. Too much calcium can crowd out other nutrients Continue Reading →

Stuck with Statins? Try a Plant-Based Diet to Cut Back

July 20, 2017
Stuck with Statins? Try a Plant-Based Diet to Cut Back

Want to lower your cholesterol without relying so much on statins? Try a whole-foods, plant-based diet to help naturally reduce cholesterol and avoid statin side effects.

Cancer Immunotherapy: What You Need to Know

July 11, 2017
Cancer Immunotherapy: What You Need to Know

Cancer immunotherapy is one of the hottest new treatments in cancer care. What does it involve, how effective is it and what side effects can you expect?

A Man’s Guide to Overactive Bladder

July 6, 2017
Treating Male Urinary Incontinence and Enlarged Prostate

Incontinence and overactive bladder can be potentially embarrassing conditions for men. Although medications are often prescribed to treat these conditions, alternate therapies may provide the relief you need without side effects.