Arthritis Prevention: 5 Simple Hand Exercises

Arthritis Prevention: 5 Simple Hand Exercises
Arthritis Prevention: 5 Simple Hand Exercises
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Arthritis affects about one-quarter of American adults. Whether osteoarthritis (OA), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), Psoriatic, or another kind, this disease makes life difficult. However, there are ways to reduce risks, flare-ups and joint damage. One of the best methods is using hand exercises for arthritis. 

Why Is Exercise Important for Arthritis?

Physical activity is an effective way to alleviate arthritis pain. Regular exercise reduces joint discomfort and relieves tiredness. Stiff joints can be bothersome, but light to moderate movement is an excellent way to ease pain and maintain bone strength. It can also strengthen the muscles surrounding your joints and improve energy levels. 

What Hand Exercises Alleviate Arthritis Pain?

Arthritis can make daily tasks more challenging. RA especially can take a toll on your hands — studies show that it affects hand activity in about 90% of people. These five simple hand exercises can prevent arthritis and alleviate joint pain.

Finger Touches

Start with an easy exercise — finger touches. This hand exercise helps if there is any joint deformity in the fingers. Start by holding your hands in front of your face. Your palm should face you with your fingers straight in the air. 

Connect your fingers one at a time with your thumb. It will look like you’re giving the OK symbol with each movement. This exercise is convenient because you can easily do it at home or anywhere else. 

Finger Spreads

Another easy exercise to help your digits is finger spreads. This movement is beneficial if you have osteoarthritis and struggle to open and close your hands. It promotes flexibility by extending your fingers.

Like the finger touches, you’ll start with your hand out with your palm facing you and your fingers straight in the air. Spread the fingers out as far as possible. Close one hand into a fist and hold the pose for five seconds. Release the fist and alternate the exercise with your other hand. 

Thumb Stretches

Arthritis causes inflammation in your joints and breaks down the cartilage in your bones, leading to constant pain and stiffness. One way to mitigate the discomfort is by doing exercises that increase flexibility.

One way to improve your range of motion is to do thumb stretches. This activity is excellent for those who like to text and use their thumbs to type.

This exercise is easy to do while sitting down or standing up. Raise your hand to eye level with your palm facing toward you. Stretch your thumb across your palm and touch your pinkie or reach as far as possible. Use ice as an anti-inflammatory treatment if you feel any pain. It will decrease circulation and constrict blood vessels.

Exercise Ball Squeezes

Another exercise accessible anywhere is hand-exercise ball squeezes. You’ll need a stress ball that’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. This activity will feel similar to the finger spreads exercise, but you’ll make some adjustments by having the ball in your hand. 

Start by warming up your hand with five-finger spreads. Squeeze an exercise ball, holding it for five seconds and releasing it. Do the exercise gently and stop if you’re feeling acute pain or flare-ups in your hands. Feeling soreness after any workout is typical, but joint pain could be a sign to ease the exercise or take a break. 

Prayer Raises

As the name suggests, your hands will come together as if you’re about to pray. This movement can alleviate symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, such as aching, numbness, or tingling in the hands.

Put your hands in a prayer position and bring them to your chest, ensuring your elbows are straight out. Lower them down to your waist, keeping your palms together. Hold for a couple of seconds and bring them back up. Alternatively, you can do reverse raises. Put the backs of your hands together and point them toward your toes. 

Easy Exercises for Anywhere

Exercise can be a more demanding task as you get older. However, even light physical activity can go a long way in maintaining good health. These five hand exercises can go a long way in alleviating joint pain and preventing flare-ups for those suffering from arthritis. 

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