Health News and Myths, Triclosan and more

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Suzanne B. Robotti
Suzanne B. Robotti Executive Director

Health can be a finicky subject. So many times healthcare and health news just seems logical — of course, a stronger pain reliever will work better to stop pain… but that’s not true. Of course it’s a good idea to use antibacterial soap to kill more germs… but that’s not true. 

And why should we have to go to see a doctor (especially about something a little private and completely embarrassing)? But chatting with an anon-a-doc (I just made that up – anonymous doctor) who writes a prescription based on whatever you say on the phone is very nearly malpractice (I would call it malpractice but I don’t want to get sued). 

Every action has a reaction. Every medicine has a side effect(s). Slow down, work with nature (germs are good for your immune system!), know your health care provider (see 6 Reasons You Need Primary Care Doctor) and let him/her know you. 

That’s how you get the best care – the care you deserve. 


Triclosan and Osteoporosis

TCS – Triclosan – has been found for years in soaps, hand sanitizers, toothpaste, mouthwash, cosmetics and more. A recent study has shown that women with high levels of TCI in their urine were 2.5x as likely to have osteoporosis as women with the lowest levels. Nearly 2,000 women were studied in this major research. 

The FDA banned TCI in antibacterial liquid soaps in 2016 and in 2019 for OTC antiseptic products like hand washes. The FDA claimed it failed to prove that TCI was safe. This study shows an association but is not considered proof. 

TCI can still be found in cosmetics and personal care items. Packaging labels are required to list TCI as an ingredient, so read labels to protect yourself. 


Prescriptions Without Intelligence

There’s a reason that you have to see a doctor to get certain drugs. Medicines that have a high risk of damaging side effects if used incorrectly require a prescription which most often requires am in person doctor visit. 

The “wellness” products sold by Hims and Hers are such products but they circumvent the rules. 

Advertising directly to the public and -worse! -selling directly to the user without a (real) doctor appointment puts you in harms way. 


Prostate Cancer 

The records of 154,089 older men with prostate cancer who were given androgen deprivation therapy exposure showed an association with subsequent diagnosis of Alzheimer disease or dementia over a follow-up period of at least 10 years.

Carefully weigh the long-term risks and benefits with your doctor of exposure to androgen deprivation therapy if your prognosis and other health factors indicate a nice long life expectancy.


Health Beliefs Debunked

Testosterone treatment will not help memory for men as they grow older. Aspirin and ibuprofen give more effective pain relief than opioids — in the emergency room! These and other well-believed false facts to entertain and inform.