Playlists and Podcasts to Power Your Next Walk or Workout

playlists and podcasts for exercise

Now that the weather is warming up, leave your house with gusto, purpose, and a little entertainment in mind. If you’re planning on physical activity, whether it’s a casual stroll around the neighborhood or a bracing hike or jog, enhance nature’s benefits by donning headphones to take in music or podcasts. 

We all know exercise is good for our physical and mental well-being. Being outdoors, while working your body offers a powerful boost that can lower blood pressure and support your immune system. If your goal is to get your heart pumping with a hard workout, know that studies have shown, music can help. In one study, researchers found that people doing high-intensity sprint workouts performed better when listening to upbeat music. Not only that, those who included music in their workouts reported better moods afterward than those who didn’t.

For decades, research has revealed that music can improve the quality of life for those with terminal or debilitating illnesses. One 2018 study suggested listening to music might help lower blood pressure in people taking drugs for hypertension. Another showed that music therapy and listening to tunes may reduce perceived pain intensity for patients with sickle cell disease.

In the mood for a calmer workout? Consider podcasts. Take a few minutes to dive into a topic that interests you, while you breathe in fresh air. You’ll get an extra lift knowing you exercised both your body and your mind.

Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite playlists and podcasts to help fuel your next workout or walk.

Pump Up the Music for Intense Workouts

Perk Up With Pop

Listen to this peppy pop playlist to keep your spirits—and your heart rate—high for about 40 minutes.

Rock With The Rock

For a rock-and-roll-intensive list, interspersed with motivational messages from actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson himself, check out this two-hour Spotify playlist.

¡Baila! With Latin Beats

Did somebody say zumba? These lively Latin beats get you moving whether you’re dancing, running or spinning.

Relax and Refresh

Wind Down With Lyrical Melodies

Let the relaxing music of Train, Adele and John Legend on this Pandora playlist help you slow down.

Explore With Classical Comforts

Allow your mind to wander or take in your surroundings with a soundtrack of classical music from Spotify. 

Get Inspired

Whet Your Appetite

Spend 40 or 50 minutes learning about the history and science of your favorite, and sometimes least favorite, foods and dining experiences with the Gastropod podcast. 

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Rally when you’re having a bad day and find out how to buy great gifts. The Lazy Genius provides guides lasting eight to 25 minutes on how to improve your life. Topics range from creating effective to-do lists to picking the right holiday gifts for important people in your life.

Power to the Patient 

Get inspired with MedShadow’s new podcast, which features stories from people who took charge of their health, while dealing with an illness or stress.

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