How to Relax During the Holidays

holiday stress

Singer Andy Williams may be crooning to us that “it’s the most wonderful time of the year,” but for many, the holiday season and subsequent “gay, happy meetings when friends come to call,” can also be harbingers of excess stress. That stress has the potential to derail your health. If you’re finding yourself under a little more stress than usual, MedShadow has compiled a list of our favorite stress-busting strategies from TikTok. 

Warm Up With a Cup of Tea

A cup of your favorite tea can help you de-stress before your lips even touch the rim. Take a minute to watch the steam rise and the color from the tea infuse the boiling water. Hold the cup with both hands and feel the heat transfer through your fingers.

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Take a Book Break

Enjoy a respite from trying to impress your in-laws, entertain your kids or act as the perfect host to friends and read a book. Winter weather is perfect for cozying up inside in comfortable clothes, a good book and maybe even that cup of tea.

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Shake Free From Stress

In this video, a psychologist gets her groove on while explaining how doing so can signal to your body that it’s time to relax. Dancing has been shown to help some patients manage anxiety and depression.

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Make Something

Focus on creating something fun. Grab a pencil and sketch a detailed portrait or try an  easy do-it-yourself project, like painting these simple flower designs onto a piece of home décor.

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Write It Down

Too many thoughts swirling around that you can’t focus on any of them? Grab a pen and commit them to paper. The good, the bad and the benign.

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Blow It Away

Breathing exercises can calm your nerves in a matter of seconds, with no equipment other than your own lungs. Want more? Check out our favorites from Instagram.♬ Young And Beautiful – Lana Del Rey

Stretch Away the Stress

Try these three stretches to quickly release tension and melt away stress.

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Take a Moment to Meditate

It’s easier than you think. TikToker @ki_lee3 explains that meditation isn’t just clearing your mind, but allowing it to wander before choosing which thoughts to engage and which to set free. Along with reducing stress, meditation can help you fall asleep. Check out MedShadow’s list of Guided Meditations for Sleep on YouTube.

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Want more tips on reducing stress? Check out our article: Stress Need Not Be Your Constant Companion.

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