Ditch the Drink: Instagram’s Best Booze-Free Ways To End the Workday

dry january

Enjoying an occasional glass of wine or cocktail can be a pleasant way to transition from workday to a relaxing evening. If, though, you’ve noticed that your glass is turning into a bottle, you’re not alone. Alcohol sales have skyrocketed during the pandemic.

Heavy drinking can lead to anxiety or even weaken the immune system. If you’re looking to cut back or stay motivated to reduce drinking after participating in Dry January, MedShadow has solutions for you. We’ve scoured Instagram for some of the best end-of-day routines that can help slip you into relaxation without reaching for a bottle. 


Lace up Your Sneakers

 Keep moving forward, as fast or slow as you like. Bonus points if it’s outside in nature, where you experience added benefits on top of exercise alone.

Dance It Out

Try out virtual zumba or jazzercise classes. Better yet, put on your favorite music and dance on your own.

Pick Things Up and Put Them Down

Lift weights to strengthen your muscles and improve your mental health. Start with MedShadow’s Guide to Strength Training.


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Stretch and Breathe the Day Away

Release tension with easy stretches or push yourself harder with more challenging sequences. Any style offers serious health perks.



Prop Up an Easel

Express yourself with a paintbrush or a pencil.


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Add Some Color

Find a near-meditative state as you put colored pencil to paper and sweep colors onto a black-and-white drawing.


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Stitch a Character

Learn to crochet and create your favorite characters or designs with yarn.


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Make Space in Your Mind

Practice meditating. Whether you want five or 50 minutes of zen to separate the day’s work from the evening, you can find free guided meditations on YouTube or you can download apps that get you started.


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Escape Into a Book

Leave your work behind—literally. Take a trip into another character’s life with a good book.

Soak the Blues Away

Dissolve that grime. Make a bath extra special with bubbles and scents that transport you from the office, even if that office is only 20 steps from the tub.


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