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Book Review: Listening to Your Body to Achieve Healing

Millions suffer from chronic pain and fatigue. A new book argues that the mind-body connection and our natural restorative capacities are best for healing.
By Sabrina Numann
Published: January 17, 2018
Last updated: January 18, 2018

This book had me rethinking how I think, or even not think. To this day, it has me reconsidering how my mind, body and soul work together for harmony. The Intelligent Body: Reversing Chronic Fatigue From the Inside Out reminded me of a combination of readings I’ve come to know and love: the Conversations with God books, The Law of One: Ra Material and also The Law of Attraction.

Book Review: Listening to Your Body to Achieve Healing

The Intelligent Body covers several ideas: the combined theory that we are all connected; that everything runs on energy; and the body is responsive to how we direct that energy; and even more so, how humans need to take responsibility for their thoughts and actions. I appreciated the times that the author, Kyle Davies, admitted when he was challenged himself during his process. (Davies is a psychologist and therapist who has worked with clients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and pain.) The walk-through he encounters in his own mind when facing direct conflict with what he thought was truth to what could possibly be resonated with me.

With decades of experience in learning to communicate with my inner self and health, I found this book challenged me in very profound ways. Additionally, as a disabled person, it was a direct reminder of how I have identified as a victim, an “ill person” or someone who just is unhealthy, as opposed to being open to who I truly am as a human being.

I spent a month deciding how to review this book, primarily because it was hard to put into words the impact it has had on my life. I read it twice, then I forwarded it to a few close family members and friends, and asked them to read and review as well. I truly feel that Kyle Davies has hit the nail on the head with the connection between body, mind and spirit. I wish to thank him for helping me to heal in a way I have not yet been able to grasp. More so, I thank him for reminding me that I am in charge and I am responsible for who I am.

Although the title seems to put an emphasis on chronic fatigue syndrome and pain, the book can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to learn more about the roles emotion and stress management play in self-healing.

Average: 5
Sabrina Numann
Sabrina Numann

Sabrina Numann is the founder of the Kentuckiana Fibromyalgia Support Group, an advocate for the Leaders Against Pain Action Network and a patient representative for the FDA.