Health News Scan 7/2/2019: Breastfeeding, Osteoporosis

health news scan for week of july 2nd 2019

This week in health news: Why do we accept some risks and overly focus on others? Mothers and mothers-to-be are generally considered to be very protective of their children’s health, yet a lot of them take medicines that could (and some probably do) endanger their fetus’ health. Other mothers defy accepted science and statistics to find danger for their children in vaccines that have been accepted and used by generations (and who were all more than likely vaccinated themselves). And why do we fear germs in our daily life so much that we have harmed thousands of women just to get rid of germs that most often improve our immune systems, according to several health news sources? 


More than one million women take meds while breastfeeding their babies each year, yet we know shockingly little about how those drugs may affect their milk and their infants.



Did your antibacterial soap cause your (or your mom’s) osteoporosis? The FDA banned triclosan from being used in over-the-counter soaps in 2016 and hand sanitizers in April 2019. Despite the current ban, the chemical may still be found in other daily products not regulated by the FDA, such as clothing (athletic wear) and contaminated water.


Vaccine Safety 

The New York Times released an investigative report on how dangerous vaccinations are based on claims for damages. Those who defend vaccines will point to this article as proof, those who fear vaccines will not believe it.