MedShadow President Speaking at PharmedOut Conference

Photo of Suzanne Robotti and Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, DC
Suzanne Robotti, Speaker at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, DC
Suzanne B. Robotti
Suzanne B. Robotti Executive Director

NEW YORK, NY, May 19, 2023: PharmedOut will host its ninth annual conference, “Making Healthy People Sick: Invented Diseases and Overdiagnosis” on June 15 and 16 at the Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, DC. The event will feature MedShadow’s own founder and president Suzanne Robotti as a speaker.

PharmedOut is a Georgetown University Medical Center project that aims to “advance evidence-based prescribing and educate health care professionals and students about pharmaceutical and medical device marketing practices.” The organization accomplishes its goals through educational slideshows, videos, events, and information about Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses. The department does so free of industry sponsorship and influence.

Robotti to Speak

The upcoming conference will include MedShadow Foundation’s Founder and President Suzanne Robotti speaking on “Make the FDA Great Again!” during the two-day event. Accompanied by Sharon Batt PhD, of Dalhousie University, as well as John Powers MD, of George Washington University, Robotti will discuss the challenges and opportunities of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and its many processes and functions.

“As a nonprofit organization focused on informing readers about the side effects of medications, all without the funding or influence of the pharmaceutical industry, our mission aligns well with the goals of PharmedOut,” said Robotti of the upcoming conference session. 

As the sole consumer representative on the FDA’s Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Committee since 2017, Robotti offers a unique perspective to the process of new drug approvals. 

“The Consumer Rep role on the FDA Advisory Committee empowers me to speak for and on behalf of the patient and from the consumers’ point of view,” Robotti adds. 

Robotti Blogs

She has written several blogs about her recent experiences with the FDA, which can be found on the Medshadow.org website. 

Recent blogs by Robotti include:

What Would You Tell the Head of the FDA About Approving New Drugs?

The Pill, The Sexual Revolution, and Access to Birth Control

Is a Judge a Better Decision-maker About Drug Safety and Effectiveness Than the FDA? 

For more information on partnerships, contact [email protected].

Other session topics at the conference include discussions on psychiatric diagnoses, dementia treatment, messaging to patients, negatives to early cancer detection, Viagra and Low-T, drugs for menopause, and patents. A pre-conference event will be held on June 14 with Carl Elliot MD, PhD at the New Research Building Auditorium at 4 p.m.

The PharmedOut annual conference is open to the public. A total of 12.75 CME credits are available for those who qualify. For pricing information and a full agenda of the two-day conference, visit PharmedOut’s site here. Questions regarding the conferences can be directed to at [email protected] or (202) 687-1191.

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