Meet the MedShadow Team

Suzanne Robotti

Founder & Executive Director

Suzanne Robotti founded MedShadow Foundation in 2012 after two major health issues drove her to become engaged in patient advocacy.

Robotti’s mother, like millions of other women in the 1950s and 1960s, took the prescription drug DES (diethylstilbestrol), which was thought to prevent future miscarriages. The drug was widely used Continue Reading →

Jonathan Block

Content Manager

As MedShadow’s content manager, Jonathan Block brings more than a decade of experience covering the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, health insurers, the Affordable Care Act, and mental health. Before joining MedShadow, he was medical editor of Psychiatry Advisor. Other editorial positions include reporter with Modern Healthcare, editor with Health Plan Continue Reading →

Albulena Prelvukaj

Marketing & Development Manager

Albulena Prelvukaj oversees marketing and development for MedShadow Foundation. She brings extensive experience in working with nonprofits in the health and wellness sector. Previously, she served as Director, The Sandanah Foundation, where she implemented and managed a successful annual fundraising campaign that supported building sustainable access to health care and Continue Reading →

Angela Smith

Administration Manager

Angela Smith oversees all administrative functions, directly handles financial matters and handles HR management. Angela has worked in the areas of accounting and education for small businesses and non-profit organizations and is highly experienced in staff management and business operations. As a Cash Management Staff Accountant, Angela analyzed and monitored Continue Reading →

Deirdre Wyeth

Digital Manager

Leading MedShadow’s online presence and user experience, Deirdre Wyeth has nearly two decades as a digital strategist. She directs and edits all of MedShadow’s video content, oversees search engine optimization and identifies partnership and alliance opportunities as a means of connecting to a larger audience. Deirdre started working on the Continue Reading →

Kimberly Bliss

Development Associate

Kimberly Bliss has worked with nonprofits for the past decade, with an emphasis on community engagement and public awareness. Her roles have included Executive Director, Equitable Communities; Teaching Artist Fellow, Community Word Project; Consultant, Marquis Studios, and Network Faculty, National Center for Economic Education, a program of The Council for Continue Reading →