Why We Care About Side Effects, and Why You Should Too

Each time you take a pill, slap on a patch, or ingest drops of medicines, you’re exposing yourself to the risk of side effects. Ranging from harmless to harmful, from obvious to eerily undetectable, medicine-induced side effects are the fourth leading cause of death in US. Considering the side effects of medicine before taking them can save your life.

Medicines are almost always tested on very few people, maybe a couple thousand. Therefore, certain side effects that affect only one person in a thousand won’t even show up in the study. The drug is deemed safe, and then a million folks are taking it. Now one thousand people are suffering from that seemingly rare side effect—and you could be one of them. This scenario is especially true when it comes to new medicines.

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Prenatal Opioid Exposure Can Harm Children and Teens

Prenatal Opioid Exposure Can Harm Children and Teens

Most infants born with Prenatal Opioid Exposure (POE) look and seem completely unaffected – even those that go through withdrawal. A new meta-analysis shows that brain development and motor skills in children exposed to opioids in pregnancy lag behind other children significantly.

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