Light Therapy – is it a thing?

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We haven’t seen a lot of research on light therapy, but there’s a lot of good information on it. Various sources claim it can improve mood disorders, psoriasis, insomnia, chronic pain, acne or other skin problems, signs of aging, SAD (see Seasonal Affective Disorder: which treatments work for the fall/winter blues?), and potentially other challenges.

Light therapy is under investigation as a way to ease the fatigue and depression that people with cancer often suffer from. Researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City conducted a series of clinical trials examining whether regular exposure to bright white light from a light box could improve their symptoms. In the latest trial, cancer patients exposed to the bright white light saw their depression symptoms subside much more than a control group that received no light therapy.

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Emissions from a light box are non-invasive and generally low-risk and MedShadow supports alternatives to drugs — especially strong psychotropic ones — whenever reasonable. The second article on bipolar (below) notes several safety issues that you should take into consideration. It’s not as simple as sit by a window (though I make sure I do in the winter). You MUST follow the simple guidelines on how to expose yourself to electronic light safely.

Here are a few of the best articles we found on light therapy.

Light Therapy: Why, When, and How to Use It
by Rebecca Moses at GroomandStyle.com
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Light therapy — bipolar

Light Therapy Effective for Older Adults with Nonseasonal Depression
Cindy Lampner, MSLIS

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