We have 2 blogs:  First Person, Book Reviews and Healthy Skeptic. First Person provides real-world stories of side effects by people who experience them. Book Reviews includes insight on medicine or health-related literature. Healthy Skeptic is a sounding board for MedShadow Founder and President Su Robotti.

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The Whole Truth About Medicines

When you see a news story or read an article about a drug on a website or TV or in a magazine that has ads for that drug, how...

Can Your Genes Impact How You Respond to Meds?

We have all heard of DNA genetic-testing services like 23andMe. After I suffered adverse reactions from the antibiotic Levaquin, I found others who suffered the same fate online. Several...

Honesty Is the Best Medicine

Happy Independence Day weekend! This is the most important holiday to MedShadow because we celebrate our ongoing independence from pharmaceutical influence.  We are one of the few, free, nonprofit...