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When viruses, bacteria and other foreign pathogens enter our bodies, our immune system fights back with inflammation — changes in blood flow and a rush of immune cells that allow it to locate and destroy the intruders. As long as the inflammation quickly retreats when it’s no longer needed, this natural process is paramount, and healthful. 

However, sometimes inflammation sticks around. Chronic inflammation has been linked to a variety of diseases, including some cancers and Alzheimer’s. It’s also a driving force in autoimmune diseases like Type 1 diabetes and lupus.

Such foods as sodas, sugars, highly processed carbohydrates and red meats can cause inflammation, while others like fruits, nuts and fish can ease it. Although eating only anti-inflammatory foods is unlikely to cure an autoimmune disease, or any other, the Arthritis Foundation says that for some patients, such as those with rheumatoid arthritis, it may help ease flare-ups. If you’re looking to add more anti-inflammatory foods to your diet, download MedShadow’s anti-inflammatory diet guide and also check out some of our favorite anti-inflammatory recipes, below, from Instagram.


Carrot-Ginger Soup

This orange soup gets some of its bright, warming flavor from spices like garlic, ginger and cinnamon, all of which have anti-inflammatory properties. Prefer a little more guidance on exact quantities? Check out this recipe.


Kale, Parmesan, Pomegranate Salad

This fresh, punchy, colorful salad is full of leafy greens and pomegranate seeds, known to carry a variety of antioxidants that lower inflammation throughout the body. 


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Filling Snacks

These quick-to-make and easy-to-store treats can ease both inflammation and your mid-afternoon hunger pang simultaneously.

Lightened-Up Orange Chicken

This sweet-and-spicy takeout meal is often deep-fried and cooked with pro-inflammatory ingredients, such as sugar and flour. However, you can make an anti-inflammatory version at home by grilling the chicken and leaving out those two ingredients. As a bonus, this recipe calls for several anti-inflammatory spices like turmeric and ginger.


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Fresh Mussels and Clams

This shellfish recipe with simple, unprocessed ingredients will leave you feeling satisfied.


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Blueberry-Basil Smoothie

Blueberries are an antioxidant powerhouse and basil adds an extra punch of flavor as well as anti-inflammatory strength. 

Creamy Mashed Cauliflower

So many of us love smooth, buttery, mashed potatoes as a side dish, but consuming too much of the starchy vegetable can trigger inflammation. Instead, try this velvety mashed-cauliflower recipe when you’re craving the classic comfort food. 

Raspberry-Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding

Antioxidants in raspberries and healthy fats in chia seeds are a great anti-inflammatory match in this seems-too-indulgent-to-be-this-healthy treat.


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