Why Donate to MedShadow on #GivingTuesday?

For many non-profit organizations, today is the most important Tuesday of the year. MedShadow is no exception. Why? Because today is Giving Tuesday, an international day of charitable giving.

Giving Tuesday has only been around since 2012. It started in response to what was perceived as an emphasis on shopping in the post-Thanksgiving period (Yes, I’m talking about you, Black Friday and Cyber Monday). Since then, the concept of a day focused on making charitable donations has really caught on. You may have already received emails from organizations (including MedShadow) asking to give today.

If you are in a giving mood (and I hope you are), there are probably more organizations that ask for your support than you can make a donation to. That’s understandable. I want to make the case as to why MedShadow Foundation deserves your generosity.

The first thing is that MedShadow is a completely independent organization. We don’t accept money from pharmaceutical companies (or any other ones for that matter), so you can trust what you read on MedShadow. Our work is possible thanks to the generosity of individuals who support our mission of helping people understand the risks and benefits of medicine.

92% of every dollar goes to producing important information for you. MedShadow operates with a very small staff. How small? Two full-time employees, three part-time staffers and our executive director, Suzanne Robotti, who splits her time between MedShadow and another non-profit organization she runs, DES Action USA. You should also know that Suzanne doesn’t take a salary.

No other advocacy group does what MedShadow does: Educate you and your family about the side effects of medicines. Every week, we publish evidence-based news articles, features and blogs about prescription and over-the-counter drugs, as well as nutritional supplements. In this way, you can become a more informed patient and have more comprehensive discussions with your health care provider.

I sincerely hope you will make a donation to MedShadow so that we can not only continue to do our work, but expand upon it in the future. And thanks to a generous benefactor, if you make a donation to MedShadow by the end of the month, your contribution will be matched, so your support will have double the impact. You can donate by following this link. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Jonathan Block

Jonathan Block

Jonathan Block is MedShadow's content editor. He has previously worked for Psychiatry Advisor, Modern Healthcare, Health Reform Week and The Pink Sheet.

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