• Treating Migraines in Children and Adolescents with Medication
    Some kids do get migraines, but the medicine options are limited. On the upside, the side effects range from none to low. Read more >>
Are Migraine Meds Safe for Kids?
Treating Migraines in Children and Adolescents with Medication Up to 10% of children and teens suffer from migraine headaches, but only a few drugs are known to be safe, effective and have few side effects. Read more 
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Episode 2: Talking About ‘Right to Try’ Laws
epsode2-still MedShadow Founder Su Robotti and Editor Jonathan Block discuss the pros & cons of Right to Try laws allowing the terminally ill to take experimental drugs. Read more 
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Fish Oil or Snake Oil? The Problem with Supplements
The Problem With Dietary Supplements Supplement manufacturers don’t have to vouch for the claims on their labels or provide test results for their products. That's a red flag. Read more 
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Welcome MedShadow TV!
Welcome MedShadow TV Introducing our series of short videos about the latest news, studies and controversies related to your drugs and their side effects. Read more 
Medications That Can Make You More Sensitive to Sun Damage
Medications That Can Make You More Sensitive to Sun Damage Learn about sun sensitivity related to certain drugs and how to minimize related risks – including skin cancer Read more 
8 Little-Known Facts About Sunscreen
8 Little-Known Facts About Sunscreen For instance, did you there is little evidence that sunscreen prevents skin cancer? Yes, we're surprised too. Read more 
Sunscreens 2016: 3 Do’s & 3 Don’ts
sunscreen_slide1a Using sunscreen diligently? Good. Now you just have to be sure you’re slathering on the right kind. Here’s what you need to know. Read more 
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Need to Know: Corticosteroids
Need-to-Know-Corticosteroids Corticosteroids are used for a wide variety of ailments, from pain due to arthritis to asthma. Find out more about them to improve your use of these drugs. Read more 
The Trouble With Sunscreen Chemicals: Chart
Chart: What are the safest sunscreens? Take a look at this chart to find out. Read more >> This table outlines human exposure and toxicity information for 9 FDA-approved sunscreen chemicals Read more